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Would you like to get involved with Fadlos?.......Here is how!

To Act: Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday evening at Fakenham Community Centre 7.30pm - 10.00pm. Even if we have started rehearsing a show you can probably still join the chorus. Come along and say hi. Membership fee is £25.00 per year £12.50 for 18 and under and there is a show levy of between £10.00 and £20.00 per show.

To Volunteer: A non acting membership is £10.00 per year. This means you can help backstage or in other places. If you want to come and help at fundraising events or even make tea at rehearsals you don't have to pay anything!

To Be a Friend: To be a friend of the society means you get advanced booking of all productions and also information around any special events. To be a friend is a minimum donation of £10.00 a year. Please send cheques payable to Fadlos and your details including email address to Avril Temple, 61 Oak Street, Fakenham, Norfolk.